Yoga Pants VS VolleyBall Shorts

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What are better Yoga Pants Or VolleyBall Shorts?

I hate to put such a burden on my viewers, but crucial life changing decisions have to be put out in the open air. These type of issues are the exact reason why wars are started and also why they abruptly end. This exact question has plagued Mankind for centuries. When it comes down to it, fitness is awesome. Whether you are outside playing with balls or pretending to be active in your yoga pants. As men, we encourage woman to conduct all type of activities in this type of apparel. It is also our duty to be active and take care of ourselves for the ladies.

If I have learned anything from the Jersey Shore. It would be that no matter how ugly your face is,”the situation”, if you take care of your body then you will get woman. I’m pretty sure the camera and attention adds to it, but whatever. Those things aren’t important. The important matter at hand is the facts laid in front of us.

Stay positive, get extreme, and push yourself.

Good Morning America.

PS – Team Volley Ball Shorts Is Already Up By 1 Vote